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Last few months has been full on unknowns. We are glad to be back with our MLMA family, and so grateful for all of you who have supported us during this pandemic.

July is going to be a busy month for us. Our first event of the month is Nerf War, and that is scheduled on the 10th at 6pm. Monthly Nerf Wars are always free so feel free to bring your family and friends!

We also have 2 belt tests this month. First belt test is for all the color belts for both sword and TaeKwonDo students on the 11th. Of course, we will have our famous potluck afterwards. The second belt test this month is for our black belts. The black belt test is going to be on the 25th, and it will begin at 9am. The black belt test is expected to take a little longer than the color belt test.

We are looking forward to this month and good luck to all the students who are testing. We believe in you! You can do it!

Most importantly, we wish you the happiest 4th of July. Have fun, stay safe, and let's not forget those who went down for this beautiful country of ours!

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