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When my son and I came into Master Lim's Martial Arts, we were only looking for a fun and active option to get some exercise. We found so much more. We found nurturing environment that teaches discipline and respect. We found an extended family and life long friends. We found mentally engaging, challenging exercise program to build strength and endurance. We found a place to learn useful life skills, teamwork, self defense skills and perseverance. MLMA is now a huge part of our life, enjoyed by all four member of our family. My wife, son, daughter, and myself are proud to be students of Master Lim and part of the MLMA family. 

Donovan O.

My experience with MLMA has been nothing but positive in many ways. I am more fit and alive than I was when I started and I have made numerous friends throughout MLMA. MLMA has helped me to be closer to my kids by being in class with them and experiencing everything together. The memories we share are priceless and I am sure we will talk about them to their children. I am also closer to my wife by growing together in sword and sharing and achieving our goals together. Also, I feel I have an extended family with MLMA. If I am down, they are there to support me and raise me up. When I accomplish something, they are there to celebrate with me. Most importantly, I have found one of my best friends in Master Lim. He has helped me in so many ways, there are too many to mention. MLMA is not just a martial arts school, it is where I get to spend my free time with those I love. 

Casey K.

What does the gym mean to me? It's a second home. It's been a new start for me. Almost 3 years ago was when I started a new job and found some free time. I also found a new family here. A lot of wonderful people who will alternate from being wise teachers and leaders, to pranksters and jokers, and to people kicking my butt in sparring. The gym has been and will continue to be a second home for me. I plan on continuing with the gym and moving towards being an instructor. I may be a few ranks below other black belts, but that does not mean I won't assist in whatever way I can to help this gym grow and become stronger. 

Andrew F.

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