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Classes of Master Lim's Martial Arts

태권도 (Taekwondo)

"The Way of the Hand and Foot" The name Taekwondo is derived from the Korean word "Tae" meaning foot, "Kwon" meaning fist and "Do" meaning way of. It is more than a mere physical fighting skill, representing as it does a way of thinking and a pattern of life requiring strict discipline. It is a system of training both the mind and the body in which great emphasis is placed on the development of the trainee's moral character. KSMA offers very competitive kicking and hand techniques throughout our regular classes.

해동검도 (KSMA)

"The Way of the Sword" A sword based martial art, Haedong Gumdo; the beginners will start with a wooden sword (Mok-Gum) from the first day of practice. Intermediate students will be asked to begin with a metal training sword (Ga-Gum) to prepare for the weight, balance, and danger of using the real sword (Jin-Gum) after the 1st degree of Black Belt: 1st Dan. Gumdo helps with improving concentration level and the students are also taught break fall & rolling techniques. Students learn and practice self discipline and respect.


Monday - Friday








*Private Lesson is available by appointment.  See "Calendar" page for monthly schedule


Master Lim's Martial Arts Academy is OUR facility where students learn patriotism, parental respect and obedience, righteousness and loyalty. We are learning and training ourselves from a family like environment.

충(Choong): Love our country.

효(Hyo): Love, care, and respect our parents and grand parents.

예(Ye): Practice respect and manner.

의(Eu): Be honest and have a good relationship among all people. Make smart decisions and be responsible.

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